2019 Senior Registration & Fees

Welcome to the 2019 Hockey Season and OGMHC Player Registration Page

Registrations for the 2019 season will be completed through the Hockey Australia preferred portal, SportsTG.  The site will streamline the registration process, however FULL payment of registration fees via credit card or PayPal will be required before registration is completed, as the site currently does not have an “Afterpay” facility.  SportsTG and Hockey Australia are working to include this in the future.

We thank you for your patience as we implement this updated registration system. Please do not hesitate to make contact with committee members for assistance if required.

All members wishing to play during the 2019 season must register by following this link:

OGMHC 2019 Player Registrations.  


For all existing users please use the “Forgot Password” link and reset your password.  

For all new registrants/users please set up an account using a valid email address via the “Don’t have an account” link.

The invoice/receipt that will be issued at the finalisation of your registration will clearly itemise all components of your fees.

Fee Components (as shown on invoice/receipt)

  • Hockey Australia Player Levy
  • OGMHC Club Registration Fee – based on 2018 fees plus CPI increase plus SportTG processing fee (3.85%) minus the Hockey Australia Levy
  • Club Raffle Levy – all playing members will receive a raffle book to the value of $20.00 (ten tickets each of $2.00 value).  Raffle books will be distributed at the start of the season (early April) and it is entirely up to the member if they on-sell the tickets or retain them for themselves.  Four (4) cash prizes will be on offer and the raffle will be drawn at a mid-season Club function.  Payment of the raffle levy does not abrogate any members’ requirement to volunteer in other areas by assisting with and/or supporting other events that may be organised.
  • Junior Turf Levy – the levy for juniors playing on turf is included in the registration process this year in an attempt to simplify the process for junior registrants and to lessen the volume of unpaid accounts.  The value of the turf levy for each playing group has been calculated on the average over the last two (2) years for that playing group.
  • Discounts – any discounts that have been requested (see categories below) will be applied to your final invoice.

Discounts Available

Goalkeeper DiscountA 50% rebate on club fees (exclusive of Hockey Australia levy, raffle levy and junior turf levy) for goalkeepers – both senior and junior – who provide their own equipment.
Student Discount
A discount of $100 is offered to those members who are FULL TIME student enrolled at a Tertiary Institution in 2019.  This discount is not available to part time students.  Evidence that the member is enrolled for 2019 on a FULL TIME basis must be presented to the treasurer (treasurer@ogmhc.com.au) to claim the discount.
Coaching Discount
Seniors coaching juniors or seniors:  A rebate of UP TO 50% on the Club Registration Fee (does not include Hockey Australia Levy or raffle levy) may be available.  If more than one person is coaching the same team the rebate is apportioned proportionately i.e. if two people are coaching, each may receive a 25% rebate.  Contact the Treasurer (treasurer@ogmhc.com.au) with bank details and the rebate will be applied once verified.
Parents coaching juniors: A rebate of UP TO 50% of their child’s Club Registration Fee (does not include Hockey Australia, raffle or Junior Turf levies) may be offered. If more than one person is coaching the same team the rebate is apportioned proportionately i.e. if two people coaching, each may receive a 25% rebate.  Contact the treasurer (treasurer@ogmhc.com.au) with bank details and the rebate will be applied once verified.

Casual Players

A registration category has been established for players who know they will be playing six (6) or less games during the season.  Hockey Australia and raffle levy will still be payable on registration.  If more than six games are played, full fees will be applied. Casual game fees will be payable to the team manager on the day of the game.  Casual games fees are $40.00 for a turf player and $30.00 for a Metro/Masters player.

OGMHC Bank Details

For those needing to deposit funds into the Club's bank account please use the following details:

Bank:        Bankwest

Name:       OGMHC

BSB:         306-063

Account:   1013668

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